Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ayanna Bassiouni at CANARY GALLERY 2010

“Her Fall from Grace”
monotype/woodcut oil ink on paper 22 by 30

Myth and Translation

Ayanna Bassiouni’s multi-media and textured work seek to discover the relations of the many faceted roles that women play in cultural progression. Women have been depicted in their daily activities as deities, represented as multi-armed spirits that take on androgynous forms. That has lead Bassiouni to travel to Europe to explore and create upon one of the most controversial and underestimated figures, The Black Madonna.

“My intention was to document her fall from grace but in my encounters with cultures that held her in the highest regard I found her silence to be the most powerful statement. Her unassuming expression has gained so much momentum through the reverence of all the women that dictate the direction of symbolism and translation in their household,” Bassiouni

The CANARY Gallery is pleased open the year 2010, with the new works of acclaimed artist, Ayanna Bassiouni during the month of January. The opening reception is scheduled for January 9th, from 6p-9p

The CANARY Gallery
329 Julia St.