Sunday, November 7, 2010

Horton Humble at The Canary Gallery

Thank you everybody for coming out to see Horton's show! His artworks will stay up until November 28th and we're open here at the gallery from 2-5p. Wednesday through Friday for all visitors to continue to enjoy some of the most amazing fabric art in New Orleans.
Je vous remerci!!
Sara Gordon
Gallery preparator.

Horton Humble lives and works all over the world. Born and raised in New Orleans

and an avid traveler since the 90's, Humble began painting professionally in 2005.

Painted on vibrant Kitenges (African fabric), the colorful paintings presented in this show capture

the people and the zeitgeist of Humble’s voyage. Each piece of cloth has been

nurtured by hundreds of hours of travel in at least 9 different countries in addition

to the artist’s abundant loyalty to rich detail