Sunday, November 21, 2010

Michael Donnor: Photo NOLA and Art Talk at The Canary Gallery

S I L E N T M O A N:

This project is my exploration from behind the stage of the greatest show of all... us. It is
my view of false projections, fortresses of a facade, and the egos that stand upon them.
The fragile truth that is covered up can be many things: a secret best not shared, an event
best forgotten, a failure best not remembered, or perhaps a dead dream that will not rest.
Whichever the case, they are all a part of us that we will carry; the past that is a silent
The process begins with the negative; the decision of how to destroy it and decay it is
about looking further than when the shutter was released. The prints are silver gelatin;
archivally toned in selenium, and uniquely stained in tea. They are signed, dated, titled
and editioned in ink by the artist own hand. The edges are then burned and beeswax is
applied in layers, finishing each piece from conception to print.
They are one of a kind within an edition; from the tones to the lettering, burning and wax
finish. No two prints are the same.

Photo Nola
Michael Donnor will be speaking at The Canary Gallery on Saturday, December 4th at 12 noon.
Opening night: December 4th from 6-9p.
Canary Gallery, 329 Julia St. NOLA, 70130
Show will be up through December.

Christy Rogers At House of Lounge
Opening Night: December 4th from 6-9p.
2044 Magazine St. NOLA, 70130
Show will be up through February